Empower Wellbeing works with clients to help them prioritise the factors which contribute to their health and happiness


The philosophy of Empower Wellbeing is all related to the importance of maintaining good, robust emotional health. It’s learning to keep perspective, no matter what goes on around you. It’s about learning when to say no, when to let go and to realise the only thing we have any control over at any one time is OUR actions and OUR thoughts.

Our 7 Point Wellbeing Programme helps individuals recognise It’s not easy, but when we realise that other people’s behaviour is not our responsibility – then we own that personal power. It is not about being happy all the time. It’s about recognising our qualities and appreciating yourself for all you bring to the world. We believe that happiness and contentment are entirely within our control.



Working with a number of different agencies, we offer a 7 Point Wellbeing Programme in a number of different formats.


A whole day interactive workshop based at
St. Paul’s Centre in Port Talbot


A 6 week ‘Learn to Run’ programme, specifically targeted for complete beginners to running

Joanne is very friendly and very approachable. She is down to earth and totally ‘gets’ what wellness and wellbeing is all about. She is inspirational, a good listener and will be totally supportive.


Don’t think twice about visiting Joanne! It will be one of the best decisions you have made! Jo will support and motivate you all the way and really understands wellbeing!


Joanne’s passion and enthusiasm for wellbeing is infectious. Coupled with practical insights gained from her own experiences she is able to motivate and coach people of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their goals.


Joanne Juliff is an amazing motivator, she encourages you, makes you believe you can achieve anything. A truly inspirational person and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.




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